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Located in Athens County, Southeastern Ohio

Mindy King is a second generation chair caner, mentored by her father, Rev. Ben Edwards who has been practicing the art for over 46 years. She holds a BFA degree in Woodworking and Furniture Design from the School for American Crafts at Rochester Institute of Technology and has been working with wood since 1972.  Her love of chair restoration began in high school when she repaired chairs and other fine furniture for an antique refinisher in Dublin, Ohio.  

Mindy's Skills Include:
The SeatWeavers' Guild inc. Weaving Information
Hand Caning all patterns of seats
  • Traditional 7 Step Caning
  • Pressed Cane Replacement
  • Fibre Rush Weaving
  • Binder's Cane Weaving
  • Hickory, Oak, Ash and Reed Splint
  • Wicker Restoration
  • Danish Modern Restoration
  • Shaker Tape Weaving
  • Cattail & Bullrush Seat Weaving
  • Corn Shucked Seats
  • Rope and Grass Weaves
  • Rawhide Weaving

Weave Patterns On Mini-Chairs


Current Restoration (Coming Soon)

In August 2013, I was voted President of The SeatWeavers' Guild for a 2 year term.  One of my primary concerns is the availability of our craft's resources in the global market. 

In the spring of 2007, I invited chair caners and seat weavers from across North America to build an organization dedicated to the preservation of the seat weaving arts.

18 founding members from 7 states and Canada gathered in Nelsonville, Ohio to write our mission statement and bylaws.

In 7 years we have grown to just about a hundred members and we meet each summer to share techniques, patterns and wisdom. We also hold events open to the public in an effort to inspire new weavers.

Please visit the official guild website to learn about us and join us at the next gathering.

The SeatWeavers' Guild

2007 Founders Gathering




Mindy caning at Robbins Crossing
Mindy Demonstrating At Robbins Crossing

Herringbone and Fingerlake Fan Weave Pictures

Pictures of Corn Shucked Seat Weaving Class, Blacksburg Va. 7/17-18/2007

Mindy's Miniature Woven Chairs Pictures

Pre-woven Cane Spline Removal: Steam Method Pictures and Descriptions


Pricing Guide                  General Price Estimates Available at: (740) 662-2001                                But for specific pricing, I will need to evaluate your chair at my workshop.

Turn Around Time:
There are no rush jobs.  I am excellent at what I do and excellence takes time.   I am generally booked months in advance and even common weaves may take several weeks to complete.  If you have a chair you want me to reweave, your name is placed on a work list and when I get to your name, I contact you.  Even after I have your chair, it still could take as long as 2 months if I discover hidden damage or other issues and need to repair the broken components before I can start the weaving process.  Unique chairs, woven with exotic materials provide a special challenge and may need to be researched in order to identify and locate replacement material.  In some cases, legal restrictions on the import of certain types of weaving materials can cause delays. If it proves impossible to restore your chair to its original design, I can work with you to restyle your chair with materials that are available.  
To summarize, I can not give you a firm date. 
This is high craftsmanship and for that I must invest the time to do it right. 

Current Restoration  (Coming Soon)

Contact Mindy King
Home Phone 740-662-2001     
Location: 19530 Lafayette St. Guysville, OH 45735

Pressed Cane

Paper Twist Rush

Hand Woven Herringbone Pattern

More Examples and Styles of Chairs I have Woven

Current Restoration  (Coming Soon)

Mindy's other forms of artistic expression (Insect Jewelry)

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